Future Tenses


going to will

2 thoughts on “GOING TO & WILL

  1. It may be a regional thing, but I consider “will ” to be more definite than “going to”. In your examples you lessen or modify with “hope” or “think” so the example read as less. But I would argue “I will go to school tomorrow” is more certain than “I am going to go to school tomorrow.” Thoughts?

    1. Tha ks fkr the comment. Most grammar books would argue that Will is used in 3 main ways:
      1. For an immediate action i.e the phone is ringing so I will answer it.
      2. Prediction/prognosis for the future. This is the example I am doing here.
      3. A promise. A student telling the teacher he will do his homework.

      I woud argue that in the context here, going to shows greater certainty.

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