Basic Medical Language

Welcome to your Medical Language (Definitions)

This is the place you go to get medication.
This is the place you go when there is an urgent problem.
This is a person who assists the doctor and takes care of patients.
This is a doctor you can visit for problems that are not urgent. He or she is often local to your house.
This is when a person's body is very hot.
This is a very urgent medical issue that needs fast care.
This is a piece of paper (It is often digital now) that you give to a pharmacist to get your medication.
This is a slow pain that covers a wide area. It is not intense but can go for a long time.
This is a vehicle that takes you to hospital.
This is a serious medical issue that is bad for the body, such as cancer.
This is a fixed time when you go to see the doctor.
This is strong discomfort in the body.
This is the word we use for a person getting medical treatment.

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