Big Vs Small Companies

Big Companies Vs Local Shops

Are local companies better than major supermarkets?

In the last few years, we have seen a large increase in the power of big companies all around the world. At the same time, smaller businesses have found it difficult to compete. Companies like Amazon now sell so many products online and supermarkets sell so many products in one place. Often, because they are so big and so rich, these companies are cheaper than local businesses. This means the small local companies often close. In 2017, 14% of small businesses in the UK said they would either close or scale down

I don't think this is a good situation. Supermarkets, are convenient and they are usually cheap. These are good things for consumers. But, more negatively, the products they sell are often the same all over the country and have often come from places all over the world. Many people think that small businesses are better because their products come from the same region. They also think that their products are fresher and taste better. So, last weekend, I had an idea: I did all my shopping at local businesses. 


Saturday shopping

To do my shopping, I didn't go to the supermarket. I went to the town centre. I needed some meat, some vegetables and some seafood. I started at the butcher. This was very disappointing. The meat there was much more expensive than in the supermarket. But, I hoped it would be nicer. Unfortunately, I was wrong. When I got home and cooked the meat, it was fattier and had less flavour than the meat I usually bought in the supermarket. 

The green grocer was a little bit better. The quality of the products was very good. I bought some tomatoes and salad that were very nice.The tomatoes were red and juicy while the lettuce was green and crisp. But, they were much more expensive than the supermarket. The price was nearly double that of the supermarket. 

The only shop that really made me happy was the delicatessen. They sell cooked meats and cheeses from around Europe. They were very good. The cooked meats were good and the cheese was amazing. The price was a little more expensive than the supermarket … but not too much. The quality was much better and I would shop there again.


What did I think?

I didn't change my opinion. I think it is good to shop at local shops. I don't want the only place in my town for shopping to be a supermarket. However, I was disappointed with some of the shops I visited. The prices were higher than the supermarket but the quality was not so good. If smaller businesses want to survive, they need to have good quality and cannot be too expensive. 


What kind of business sells lots of things in one place?
Which company sells things online?
When did the writer go to do some shopping?
How did the writer feel about the butcher?
Which shop was a LITTLE better?
Which products did the writer buy there?
Which shop was the BEST?
Can you name one product the writer bought there?
In the last few years, we have seen more smaller business and less supermarkets.
Supermarkets are usually expensive.
Supermarkets sell different things in different places.
Supermarkets sell more fresh food than local shops.
Amazon sells lots of books online.
The writer didn’t feel happy about the butchers.
The writer’s favourite shop sold cheese and cooked meat.
The movie was not so great. I thought it was going to be better. I am a bit __________.
Which __________ are you from? Are you from the north or the south?
I always try to find __________ food. It always tastes better.
I bought these vegetables in my __________ shop. It is just down the street.
My company is losing money. I think it will__________ and cut some jobs.

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