Brian Clough Past Simple (Gap Fills 3)

Welcome to  Brian Clough Past Simple (Gap Fills 3)


After leaving Leeds, Clough _____ down to the second division again.
In January 1975, Nottingham Forest ______ Clough to the City Ground
In his first season, Forest _____ promoted to the first division.
In 1978, Forest _____ England goalkeeper Peter Shilton.
In 1977 Forest were promoted and, in their first season in the first division, they  ______ the championship in 1978.
In the 1977/8 season Forest _____ only 24 goals in 42 games.
In 1978, Forest _____ £1million for Trevor Francis - a record in England.
Forest _____ history in 1979 when they won the European cup. It was only two years after they were in the second division.
In 1980, Forest _____ their European title when they won against Hamburg.
Forest _____ Hamburg in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid.
Clough was a brilliant England manager, but he _____ England.

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