Brian Clough Past Simple (Gap Fills)

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Brian Clough _____ a very talented striker in the 1950s and 1960s.
Clough _____ his career because of injury.
He _____ his cruciate ligaments, which ended his career.
He _____ his managerial job in 1965.
He _____ his managerial career at Hartlepool United.
In 1967 Clough _____ to Derby County.
In his first season at Derby the team played poorly, but Clough _____ the foundations for the future.
It 1969, Derby _____ champions of England's second division.
In 1972, Derby ______ everyone when they won the league.
Clough often _____ with the Chairman at Derby.
In October 1973, _____ from Derby.

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