Competitions (Gap Fills)

Welcome to your Competitions (Gap Fills)

Maradonna scored the 'Hand of God' goal in the World Cup _________ against England in Mexico. It helped Argentina go to the semi-final.
The teams in the _____ never really seem motivated because they cannot win the tournament.
_____ from the Championship to the Premiership is really difficult.
England beat Germany in 1966, Brazil beat Italy in 1970. They were two great World Cup _____
Germany defeated Brazil 7-1 in the 2014 World Cup _____. Germany went on to win the final.
There are often some games where major nations win easily against smaller nations during the _____ of the World Cup
Derby County were _____ from the Premier League in 2008 with the lowest total of points ever.
I always find the _____ stages of a tournament interesting as the team's cannot make a mistake. If they lose, they go home!

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