Construction Jobs (Gap Fills)

Welcome to your Construction Jobs (Gap Fills)

A _____ has quite a dangerous job because he is usually on the top of a building and that can be quite high.
A _____ usually does the hardest work on a building site and gets the lowest salary.
We need some new pipes to the sink in the kitchen. better call a _____.
I need someone to cut and drill the wood elements to my new kitchen. I should call a _____.
Before you buy a house, you usually get a _____ to check the structure and the land around it.
A _____ needs to be careful with the material he uses because it can break easily.
I love this _____. The buildings she designs are really beautiful.
This is a big project. So, the ______ needs to bring in lots of different tradesmen.
Steve is a very good _____. His walls are always level and even.
We need an _____ to connect the lights

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