Construction Types of House (Gap Fills)

Welcome to your Construction Types of House (Gap Fills)

I live in a _____ house. I have neighbours on both sides.
My mother is quite old, so she has moved to a ______ because here are no stairs.
My sister just bought a _____ in London. It is on the fourth floor.
My uncle has a _____ in the South of France. It is great for holidays.
I have always dreamed of buying a top floor _____ in New York.
A friend of mine bought a giant house with seven bedrooms. It is a _____!
I would like to buy a nice little ______ in the country.
Our house is a _____. We have neighbours attached just to one side.
I just bought a new house. It is ______ which is great because I don't have neighbours joined on. It will be quiet.

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