Exam Reading Comprehension 1

Welcome to your Exam Reading Comprehension 1

Mitchell Brothers Clothing will be closing down Saturday January 24th. Prices are slashed with savings up to 70% on pants and 60% on shirts! Come and find a bargain.
Bus services from Westbury to Archester have changed. Instead of two buses an hour, there will now only be one. It will leave Westbury bus station 15 minutes past every hour.
The Misterham Medical Centre will be closed on Thursday this week due to building works in the reception area.
The match between Chelsea and Arsenal begins at 20h00. The live TV coverage begins at 19h00 and finishes at 22h30
There will be company-wide meetings this week. For the sales and marketing departments, it will be on Tuesday. HR and finance will be on Wednesday. If you are unable to attend, please contact James in HR before Monday.
Checkout time for the Excalibur Hotel is at 10h00. If you would like to extend this to 14h00, there is a $30 fee. Guests staying beyond 14h00 must pay for an extra night.
Garbage and recycling collection services in Redburn will change from the start of August. Garbage collection will switch from Mondays to Wednesdays and recycling will move from Fridays to Tuesdays.

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