Exam Reading Comprehension 2

Welcome to your Exam Reading Comprehension 2

Your version of FreeOffice will updated next week. The update process will take approximately one hour. Your computer will shut down and restart several times, so you will not be able to use it for basic functions.
The ferry from Altermore to Headsmouth will no longer operate daily due to a lack of passengers. We apologise for the inconvenience.
Due to added security measures, ticket holders must also provide a piece of photo ID to be admitted to the event.
Customers who bring their own reusable coffee cup will receive a 25% discount on their beverages. For example, a regular latte would normally be £3.00, but with a reusable cup it will be £2.25.
To replace the ink cartridge in your Majitsu you need to press the eject button, wait for the cartridge to move to the centre of the printer and the remove it by pulling it in an upwards direction.
We are now accepting payments on all transactions. There was previously a minimum of £5.00, but now there is no minimum price. Customers can now pay without using cash or their pin.

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