Football Tactics (Gap Fills)

Welcome to your Football Tactics (Gap Fills)

They attacked us in the ______ between the centre back and the full back.
Arsene Wenger's Arsenal in the early 2000s had very fast _____ from defence to attack.
Our number 10 loves to play _____ the lines. He gets between the opponent's defenders and holding midfielders.
We have a _____ marking system. Each defender is responsible for a specific area.
Liverpool always ______ their opponents when they lose the ball.
Forwards need to attack, but it is also important to ______ and help defenders.
Lots of smaller teams in the Premier League like to stay _____ to make it difficult for bigger teams to find space to attack.
We should not give their number 10 too much space. You should stay close and mark him _____.
We like to defend very deep and then attack ______.
Our number 9 holds the ball well. He is a great _______.

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