Home Insulation

Hundreds of thousands of homeowners will receive vouchers of up to £5,000 for energy-saving home improvements, with the poorest getting up to £10,000.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is due to set out a £2bn grant scheme in England for projects such as insulation as part of a wider £3bn plan to cut emissions.

Under the Green Homes Grant, the government will pay at least two-thirds of the cost of home improvements that save energy, the Treasury said.

For example, a homeowner of a semi-detached or end-of-terrace house could install cavity wall and floor insulation for about £4,000 - the homeowner would pay £1,320 while the government would contribute £2,680.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, Business Secretary Alok Sharma added that the poorest households could receive up to £10,000 towards costs, and that double glazing would also be covered by the scheme.

He continued: "What [the scheme] ultimately means is lower bills for households, hundreds of pounds off energy bills every year, it's supporting jobs and is very good news for the environment."

Rishi Sunak wants to invest money in saving energy in homes.
Everyone in the UK can get £10,000 for home improvements.
Sunak's whole scheme costs £2billion.
Sunak's plan is designed to reduce pollution.
If you live in an apartment you can get cavity wall and floor insulation.
Which is correct?
I have put a layer of _____ between the bricks in my house.
I live in an _____ house with neighbours on one side. It is the final house in a long row.
Having more efficient technology will help to reduce _____.
Installing _____ in your windows is a good way to keep you house warmer.
I live in a _____ . There are just two houses joined together.

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