HR Benefits & Remuneration (Gap Fills)

Welcome to your HR Benefits & Remuneration (Gap Fills)

Sales people in our department earn a 5% _____ on anything they sell.
A lot of our retail staff have worked _____ this week because we are busy during the sales.
I asked my boss for a _____ because my salary has been the same for two years.
This job pays a monthly _____ of £2,400.
We offer employees full _____ after they have been away from work for one week.
Waiters in our restaurant make a _____ of £9 per hour, but they also get tips from customers.
In the UK, the _____ is just over £8. You cannot earn less than that.
My company pays me a monthly salary, but it also contributes to my _____ for when I retire.
In the US it is really important to have a job with _____ because hospital bills can be very expensive.

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