Marketing (Definitions)

Welcome to your Marketing (Definitions)

When a consumer stays with one brand and will not buy another brand or product.
To introduce a new product to the market.
A company or brand that supports an individual or team.
The impression consumers have of a product or brand.
Studying the needs and preferences of consumers for a particular product.
This is the person who buys a product or uses a service.
This is the price of making the product.
When a company or brand gets media coverage without paying for it directly.
The wrapping or container for a product.
This is the particular make of a product. People often have loyalty to a specific one.
Something we can touch and feel that a company makes to sell.
This is the process of creating or improving a product.
This is the place where the consumer actually buys the product.
The process of delivering the process to the end-user.
When a company pays to be in the media such as TV or the internet.

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