Marketing (Gap Fills)

Welcome to your Marketing (Gap Fills)

The new product is not ready yet. It is still in _____.
Some companies get a lot of free _____ by doing fun things on social media.
We have such a strong _____. Everybody recognises our products and knows who we are.
Amazon have great _____. You can often get a product just hours after you order it online.
People are not noticing our product in the store. The _____ is not bright or attractive enough.
I show great _____ to my favourite brand of sports shoes. I always buy the same brand.
Nobody wanted our product. People thought it was either too expensive or not useful enough. Maybe we should have done more _____ to know what they wanted.
It is not important how good your advertising or publicity is if your _____ is not very good!
After the media reports about our product not being safe, we need to improve our brand _____.
If a company _____ a football team, lots of people will see their brand.
We won't make a profit with this product if we don't reduce our _____.
Some companies, like Starbucks, don't do much _____. You never see them on TV. They rely on having a strong brand.
We like to have our product visible close to the _____ in a store because people will see it when they are about to pay.

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