Medical Language (Gap Fills)

When I was in hospital, the _____ who took care of me was great. She was very gentle.
They took me to hospital in an _____.
Wow, you feel so hot! You have such a high _____.
I have had an _____ across my lower back for the last three days.
I have an _____ with my doctor at 14h00 tomorrow.
Call an ambulance, it is an _____!
Cancer and diabetes are very serious ______.
There are lots of sick ______ in the hospital.
I am going to get my medication from the _____.
The _____ performed the operation. She cut me open!
If I have a small problem, I will go to see my _____. I won't go to the hospital.
I need to see a doctor. I am in a lot of ______. It hurts!

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