Pre-Fab Houses

Thousands of factory-built temporary homes were erected after World War Two - and many lasted for years.

But the concept of pre-made and flat-packed homes for the 21st Century is part of the Welsh Government's housing plans.

It is allocating £45m to try to increase the number of affordable, sustainably-built houses.

They would be cheap to run, reducing fuel poverty, with bills expected to be about £100 a year compared with the current average annual UK fuel bill of £1,350.

It is also argued that this style of housing better for the environment.

About 27% of carbon emissions in the UK come from housing. Materials like concrete, plastic window frames and some forms of insulation are all carbon intensive.

Using locally-grown wood and insulation from natural materials are considered to be less damaging for the environment.

Also, evidence suggests houses that are made in factories produce much less waste and have higher levels of safety.

Housing Minister Julie James said: "The significant investment we're making in the modular housing industry will enable us to do that."

She said modern methods of construction mean the new-style prefabs are "high quality, desirable and energy efficient, affordable homes that tenants can be proud of".

Pre-fab houses were common in the years after World War II.
Pre-fab houses will be expensive to build.
The cost of energy in pre-fab houses will be higher than a normal house.
About 27% of the CO2 in the UK's atmosphere is from housing.
Plastic windows create a lot of CO2.
Finding materials from close to the construction site is good for the environment.
Houses built in factories are less safe than traditional houses.
People in pre-fab homes will not feel good about them.
I buy _____ furniture from IKEA.
It is not very expensive, so it will be _____ for many families.
In Dubai, they like to _____ lots of very tall buildings.
The cost of gas and electricity is very high, so ______ is a big issue for families with low incomes.
The _____ in my house are old and wooden, so the wind gets through them.
These materials are _____ so we know the quality is good because the producer is right there.
This house has solar panels and lots on insulation, so it is very _______.

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