Pregnancy (Definitions)

Welcome to your Pregnancy (Definitions)

This is when a woman releases an egg. She is at her most fertile.
This is the moment when the woman's egg is fertilised.
This is something used to stop pregnancy.
This is a person who gives the pregnant woman advice and then helps deliver the baby.
This is a doctor who deal with pregnant women.
This is when the pregnant woman feels ill early in the day.
This is a supplement women take to help the baby develop in the womb.
This happens at the very end of the pregnancy. It is when the baby is coming.
This is the action for when the baby comes.
This is when the doctor cuts the woman's stomach to remove the baby. It is often done in an emergency.
This is a form of pain relief given during labour.
This is a type of scan where you can see the baby in the womb.
This is when a woman wants to eat something unusual during her pregnancy.

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