Pregnancy (Gap Fills)

Welcome to your Pregnancy (Gap Fills)

My wife feels really bad. She has _____ every day.
We have stopped using _____ in order to get pregnant.
I went to see my _____ a lot during my pregnancy. She gave me a lot of advice.
The _____ was amazing! I got to see my baby inside the womb.
We measured _____ in order to have better chance of conception.
My wife went into _____ late at night. The baby started to come at 2am.
When I was pregnant I had some crazy _____. I wanted to eat lots of weird foods.
Because we were quite old, me and my husband found _____ very difficult.
Our baby arrived in the night. My girlfriend _____ at 4am.
Because there were some complications, I had to have an emergency _____.

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