QPR Past Simple (Gap Fill)

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In the 1800s, QPR _____ their early games in Queens Park in London.
QPR _____ the English football league in 1920.
In 1967, QPR ______ the League Cup against West Bromwich Albion.
In 1982 QPR _____ the FA Cup Final.
Unfortunately they _____ the cup.
In 1994/5 Les Ferdinand _____ 26 goals.
In 1993, QPR _____ 5th in the Premier League.
In 1993, QPR _____ for the UEFA Cup.
In 2010, QPR ____ Neil Warnock as manager.
In 2011, Neil Warnock _____ to the Premier League.
In 2011, QPR _____ Neil Warnock.

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