Transfers (Definitions)

Welcome to your Transfers (Gap Fills)

When Alan Shearer went to Newcastle in 1996, it was the _____ world record.
James Rodrigues went from Real Madrid to Bayern Munich on _____ for one year. It was not permanent.
The former West Ham, QPR and Spurs coach used to love to sign players on the transfer _____. It was often at the last minute.
If a player comes on a free transfer, his _____ will probably be high.
During the winter ______, fees for players are often high.
Wayne Rooney made Sir Alex Ferguson very angry when he said he wanted to leave and handed in a _____.
His contract is about to expire, he will soon be a _____.
The deal was expensive because of the ______. He wanted a lot of money up front at the start of the contract.

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